Our beginning
History of our restaurant
The Milky Way, or God's way that`s how our galactic system is called in ukrainian, but the most frequently used name is Chumatskiy Shlyah . For our ancestors, travelers who went to the Crimea for salt, the Milky way has always been the star pointer, which led to the far edge, and then helped to return to their native village. Therefore, a restaurant complex, which appeared on the Obukhov track in 2002, was called 'Chumatskiy Shlyah', because it was based on the idea of returning to the roots of Ukrainian culture and on a dream of the incarnation of our best traditions.
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Administration: (067) 401-28-49

Bath: (044) 227-02-39

Banquets and corporate: (067) 441-22-13

Kievskaya obl., Obukhovskiy district, Romankiv village, Sosnovaya street, 10

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