Getmanskiy hall

About Getmanskiy hall

It is a spacious hall in the style of a medieval castle. The high wooden beams, old brickwork, the mysterious dim
light, the luxury of velvet and brocade – this atmosphere  is worthy of the Hetman Khmelnytsky.

    This is a truly unique building, designed for 300 guests. Looking at his grandeur and scale of it you can imagine glorious
hetman`s banquets. There are two floors, great room, big area for a scene which is ready to accommodate folk ensemble as a whole. In such place a wedding banquet or any other festive event takes place like in the old Cossack ballads.

Bypassing all the banquet halls in Kiev you will not find such a majestic expanse as here.

   If you need a place for a solemn event with a huge number of guests the best choice is to order a banquet hall in “Chumatskiy Shlyah”. Corporate events, graduations, anniversaries and presentations – any ceremonial event sounds especially loud in this Cossack estate. Here everyone would like to dance and have fun. In the center of a spacious room large oak tables are set with white tablecloths. Here every guest will feel comfortable, each participant will feel himself as a guest on glorious cossack banquet.

“Chumatskiy Shlyah” is the perfect restaurant for a wedding and only one of the reasons is the number of halls which can contain over 400 people. What other banquet halls in Kiev can boast such a large scale?

The convenient location of tables, a solemn atmosphere, first-class professional sound and high quality of lighting equipment are the main advantages of this choice. “Chumatskiy Shlyah” is the perfect restaurant for a wedding. Design of Cossack Hetman is in your hands, decoration always depends on your requirements. Getmansky hall is a place created to make your wedding perfect.

Ukrainian folk flavor, a true folk cuisine, the warmth and hospitality – welcome to the “

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